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08/23/2017 01:15
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  • Total Games Played:
  • 23212
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  • 12076
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  • 11136
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  • 132832
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  • 119787
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  • 190012
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  • 34
  • Average MMR:
  • 1633.93
  • Average Kills:
  • 3906.82
  • Average Deaths:
  • 3523.14
  • Average Assists:
  • 5588.58
  • Average K/D/A:
  • 1.11 / 1 / 1.59
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Musee - 05/22/2010 09:22
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03/08/2012 19:39


im interested in joining a decent clan...tell me if something hapens....
02/11/2012 05:11


Hi, i am interested in joining your clan. i am looking for a clan with solid players to play with. you can check my stats in game or message me to try me out. thanks
01/25/2012 06:36


Hi I wanna be in your clan. I am active player. Have 2 campionship in dota. My MMR may be low now, this is because I have no friends playin HON. I am good solo player. ( In 200 matches I lost 7 games 1v1 in dota ARSHOMNP).
01/01/2012 07:34


Looking for a clan to play in, active daily. Have about 1k games played can do whatever.
12/15/2011 14:58


Hi, i am looking for a clan to play and get better. I can support well and range carry.
11/27/2011 07:14


Looking for an active clan to scrim/IH/ and do some nice TMMR (2-3 players). I am able to play all roles and enjoy doing so. Unfortunatley i gave away my actually account some time ago(Crucifix) when i stopped playing, started back up (10 days ago) because its free to play but i lack all the heros at the moment =(. Would love to join your clan, i'm on almost every day so pm me if your interested. Name: Fight4Free
11/19/2011 08:29


hey guys looking for a clan again have areound 1650 rating but i get screwed up by fucks in my team so i want some i know of that they are good :D pretty good support and melee carry
11/18/2011 18:14


was wondering if I can join your clan. Can play whatever the team needs. (17xx mmr)
10/19/2011 07:04


ill join if you need a solid support player
09/29/2011 14:23


hi can i join the clan? 1730mmr 1kd