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08/23/2017 01:15
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  • Total Games Played:
  • 23212
  • Total Wins:
  • 12076
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  • 11136
  • Total Hero Kills:
  • 132832
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  • 119787
  • Total Assists:
  • 190012
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  • 34
  • Average MMR:
  • 1633.93
  • Average Kills:
  • 3906.82
  • Average Deaths:
  • 3523.14
  • Average Assists:
  • 5588.58
  • Average K/D/A:
  • 1.11 / 1 / 1.59
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Musee - 05/22/2010 09:22
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03/21/2014 17:01


hı, im new ın a hon and i find new friends and new friendsship iwant joinyour clan please add me. thanks alot.
04/06/2013 04:28


eow, i wanna join your clan, so i can get up in 1600 mmr again.. fucking 1500 noobs keep making me lose man
03/18/2013 04:21


can you add me please
03/16/2013 06:45

is this clan active ? add me ingame wrexial 10x
12/21/2012 10:22


Hello folks i am here to apply for this clan....i like your name ,decent stat and i am loyal member . All the best ;-) INGAME name ZHAGUBITZA
10/30/2012 06:53


hi looking for an active clan..i love playing as carry role but can play all roles my stats are bad but u know it's hard to play games without good teamplay in hon so i hope i can join youre clan so that won't happen :)
06/26/2012 18:12


hey guys I'm a pretty decent player looking for a clan so i can start trying out lock-pick mode and other competitive options. I'm 24 and have played DOTA games since the release of DOTA in War 3, I've been in hon since beta and haven't really looked for a clan till now. Before the scores were truncated i was in the low 1800s and have now been sitting around 1600-1700 and have gotten as high as 1750 alone but lose mmr too much with bad players on teams to progress any further than that. I play any style of character and like to have fun as support carry or tank heroes. if you guys are looking for more players to run lock-pick games with i would love to be considered.
06/02/2012 12:27


Hello my in-game name is brainsap.I was wondering if i can get into the clan i am a good player i am 1550-1600 mmr never above never below i cant achive a better score wheni play alone i would really love to play with your clan i work well with others if i got any chance please let me know i would really love to be a part of V
05/09/2012 19:42


Hello. My ingame name is Advanced. I can play pretty much evry hero in HoN. Even tho im more fan of Carrys/gankers. Im curently at 1600 raiting. im not really to botherd with raitings, as u basiclly can't get above the 1700 mark playing alone. And im not playing hon that much theese days coz i do not have a clan, can't be botherd with noobs in the public games or MMR Soo gimme an ingame whisper if ur intrested. U can also Mail me at:
04/29/2012 07:01


yoda looking for decent clan toget out of this mmr slump 1740 pre compression down to the deeps of 1500s now strong ganker / carry player always play to dubstep / german trance music playing from new zealand but i play at all type of time stat me up i live breath smoke hon proud my self on draafting knowing ins and outs of the gme just need good players who understand my play style hit me up if ur intrested in trialing me out i would love to give it aa go cheers !