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  • Clan Teamliquid344 members


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11/24/2018 11:47
  • Clan Statistics
  • Total Games Played:
  • 129648
  • Total Wins:
  • 66807
  • Total Losses:
  • 63374
  • Total Hero Kills:
  • 673287
  • Total Deaths:
  • 677415
  • Total Assists:
  • 1065617
  • Total Members:
  • 344
  • Average MMR:
  • 1573.91
  • Average Kills:
  • 1957.22
  • Average Deaths:
  • 1969.22
  • Average Assists:
  • 3097.72
  • Average K/D/A:
  • 0.99 / 1 / 1.57
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05/14/2014 11:38


How do i become part of this good clan inv me plz Powerbash
05/11/2014 12:16


How do I join this clan?!
03/20/2014 17:04


I want to join this clan
03/20/2014 08:58


Hello, I want to join this clan.
03/11/2014 13:15


New to HoN, very experienced in League of Legends and decided to try HoN. I'd like some gameplay with good fun people who can point me in the right direction. Add me :D
02/16/2014 11:24


May I join in your clan ? I need some guys to avoid ranked "the noobs campaign" !
12/24/2013 08:06


add me pls! i need some mates to join if i am online ;) for more fun! i am a good player btw.
02/11/2013 03:33


wow a huge clan.. my mmr is only 1520 but with good mates i can raise it very rapidly.. i like to play support/woods..
11/06/2012 19:45


Hey my IDTag is AlexGrant90 (yeah didn't expect that to be my ingame name too haha) and I have recently come back from a break I took to play LoL, which was hell... I did a stat reset and started playing normal games, but have gotten a TON of players who just would rather fight each other than play the damn game, so I was wondering if there would be any way I could get an invite to the clan in order to play with some serious players wanting to do TMM?
09/23/2012 14:41


hey my ingame name is slocken have been around 1600 psr but Im just so tired to play with randoms want to play serious and there is so many who just joking around. So can I join your clan?