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  • Clan Statistics
  • Total Games Played:
  • 2983
  • Total Wins:
  • 1487
  • Total Losses:
  • 1496
  • Total Hero Kills:
  • 12684
  • Total Deaths:
  • 15443
  • Total Assists:
  • 25377
  • Total Members:
  • 0
  • Average MMR:
  • 1554.70
  • Average Kills:
  • 2114.00
  • Average Deaths:
  • 2573.83
  • Average Assists:
  • 4229.50
  • Average K/D/A:
  • 0.82 / 1 / 1.64
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06/14/2013 09:52


i would like yo join this clan as its name is very nice :D and iam active most of the time :)
05/08/2013 00:54


can i join this clan
04/23/2013 21:30


Can i join your lovelly clan :P
04/22/2013 18:14


i would like to join this clan
04/21/2013 04:44


can i join clan? please.
03/26/2013 03:49


02/02/2012 01:09


Can I try out? I'm lookin to join a active clan for the fuckk of it yadigg
01/10/2011 09:10


Hello Guys, somehow i can't post in the Forum, but i'd like to join your guys clan. Me playing: I'm a quite offensive player, and i usually counts on the team teamplay. I've played dota since 2007. I usually have an 400EPM and around 250GPM. I can play any hero in the game, but my specialty is playing as Carry and i don't like to play as nuker, but i can if i need to. I prefer to play MatchMaking games. I have around 1500mmr and 1500psr and around 1.00/1/1.40 KDR. I can play quite well if i have an team to play with. You can call me inside the game if you want to
11/11/2009 16:02


Active channel is actually: Clan Scrim
11/09/2009 22:24


We have friends of yours in our clan and would like to set up a friendly clan scrimmage sometime in the future. Clans involved are PGU, T3H, OGX, MDK. Comment back if you are interested? Also, I use a chat channel called: Scrimfinder. If you get the Channel Loader mod you can open it directly from login and it will become a common ground for our clans to practice w/o annoying pubs. - Ven