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GOD is coming, look busy!

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07/24/2013 22:02
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  • 1513.85
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  • 3214.00
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  • 3085.28
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  • 4876.85
  • Average K/D/A:
  • 1.04 / 1 / 1.58
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Im_Awesome - 06/24/2010 00:31
  • Update
After replacing my motherboard I have a fully fuctioning computer again and you can all expect some work done in our clan in the next few days from me. (i've been playing on an old laptop on the lowest settins possible and it has been horrible). Feel free to message me with any suggestions and I will review them and implement your suggestions that I feel will better our clan. I'm also looking for a sweet avatar pic for the clan so lets start looking for some as this is a reflection of our clan. In the future I am hoping to bring some fantastic dota players I know into our clan and get some clan tournaments happening so we can practice for competive play as teams. I have plans to make this clan more than just a cool extension of my name, message me if you have ideas too. Im_Awesome
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09/13/2010 03:19


nice to see someone dedicated to the clan aspect of the game. Myself, working to making our clan better as players and peers to other clans. Been there before man, laptop play is lame when your Desktop is bust, number of times I've blinked in, stunned and alt tabbed since the keyboard layout iis different. GL